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1st-Jan-2008 07:30 pm - DEC 31 2007 - DAY 355

We spent New Year's Eve at Angie & Joe's, playing games of Pictionary and Cranium. Everyone couldn't resist messing with the Play-Doh we bought to replace the dried up Cranium clay. Geoff & I sculpted these numbers in honor of the new year.

31st-Dec-2007 05:16 pm - DEC 30 2007 - DAY 354

Last night Geoff & I had a dinner/movie date and then met up with my sisters & some others to play Bingo! It was a lot of fun even if none of us were winners. I was so close a couple times too. As you can see, I unknowingly chose to sit in row 11, and then I purposely selected seat 11. We also saw our movie in theater 11, so I thought for sure that was a sign I'd win some Bingo money! Oh well, maybe I have luck coming in another way soon. Also please note Geoff's Elvis dauber, hahaha.

31st-Dec-2007 05:15 pm - DEC 29 2007 - DAY 353

Geoff & I waiting for our food at In-N-Out. I was stoked to find that we were number 11, which is my lucky number.

29th-Dec-2007 12:22 pm - DEC 28 2007 - DAY 352

My nightstand. My mom gave me those 2 pretty empty frames for Christmas, I'll have to do some picture printing to fill them. The bible was a gift from my Grandma & Papa for my first communion 18 years ago. The candle was also a gift from them, this Christmas. My Papa isn't doing too well right now, so please keep him in your prayers.

29th-Dec-2007 12:21 pm - DEC 27 2007 - DAY 351

Thinking cat is deep in thought.

27th-Dec-2007 01:16 pm - DEC 26 2007 - DAY 350

One of my gifts from Geoff was this CSI game I've wanted for about a year. Am I a nerd, or what? Now I have my very own little Greg Sanders, haha. We played last night, it will definitely be a fun game to play with a ton of people.

26th-Dec-2007 09:54 pm - DEC 25 2007 - DAY 349

Merry merry merry merry Christmas! Here's the naked tree after Dad had passed all of the gifts out. I got so many terrific goodies (so did spoiled boy Geoff!) and we had a great day. Hope everyone else had a very happy holiday!

26th-Dec-2007 09:47 pm - DEC 24 2007 - DAY 348

Christmas Eve: sisters with new ornament balls! A gift from our Aunt Joy that we got after everyone went out to dinner at Maggianos. This will probably be my last self portrait for Project 365 so enjoy! :)

24th-Dec-2007 10:55 am - DEC 23 2007 - DAY 347

My cousin Rissi is in town, so her & Bridgett came over to Dad's yesterday afternoon. Myken took all us girls to get manis/pedis, which resulted in what's sure to be a classic family story. We made the appointments & were on our way to the salon when I called just to find out exactly where they were located (we knew the shopping center). Turns out it was the salon inside WalMart! Oh man, it was pretty hilarious. But our nails all look fab!

22nd-Dec-2007 08:35 pm - DEC 22 2007 - DAY 346

I know, I know, more presents. But today marked Geoff & I officially finishing not just our shopping, but also our wrapping! Score! The gift bonanza that's exploding under our tree is unreal. I can only imagine how psychotic my dad's tree area will look once we add all ours to the mix!