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a smashing photo a day
Project 365
Recent Entries 
12th-Jan-2008 10:47 am - JAN 10 2008 - DAY 365 - THE END

Well I wanted a way to illustrate "the end" for my final picture. We tried (read: failed) to give Xander a bath & he spent a lot of time grooming his tail afterward. So here's the bub licking his 'end', hahah.

I've decided not to continue my photo a day at this time, but I'm really happy that I did it for an entire year. Thanks so much to everyone who took an interest in the project & for everyone's comments!

10th-Jan-2008 09:20 am - JAN 09 2008 - DAY 364

My fabulous friends (Angie, Jenn, & Betty) took me out to a wonderful cocktails session last night to celebrate my upcoming birthday. Wine, cheese, fruit, pizza, laughs, conversation - what more could you ask for?

9th-Jan-2008 11:06 pm - JAN 08 2008 - DAY 363

At the carwash! Yeah, having a clean car was really the most exciting part of my day yesterday. I've been really sick with a nasty cold for about a week & I fell asleep at 8 o'clock (!!!!!!!) last night, so this was as good as it was going to get. I have to admit, even with nearly 10 years of driving experience under my belt, these drive-thru carwashes still make me nervous.

7th-Jan-2008 10:13 pm - JAN 07 2008 - DAY 362

I keep forgetting to find this jewelry cleaner that Ryane uses, so I have to settle for a toothbrush & Windex on my engagement ring, haha.

6th-Jan-2008 07:18 pm - JAN 06 2008 - DAY 361

Xander would like wave goodbye to everyone with his foot, as this is likely to be his last appearance on Project 365!

5th-Jan-2008 10:22 pm - JAN 05 2008 - DAY 360

Tonight I picked up two magazines with Drew's new Covergirl ads inside! (January's Allure & Redbook for anyone who's interested in getting copies). I hope that there end up being a ton of these, they're so much fun to have in my collection.

4th-Jan-2008 09:25 pm - JAN 04 2008 - DAY 359

I finally earned enough Coke Rewards points to get some Diet Coke merch, woowoo! I got this $28 value shirt completely free (including shipping!) & it came in the mail today. Free stuff is always a good thing.

4th-Jan-2008 09:17 pm - JAN 03 2008 - DAY 358

Driving on the freeway past the Strip last night. I'm actually not sure what was at the NEXT EXIT NEXT EXIT NEXT EXIT.

3rd-Jan-2008 07:44 pm - JAN 02 2008 - DAY 357

Geoff was a sweetiepie & ordered some LAMB shoes for me that were marked down a lot. They finally arrived yesterday, woowoo, I love them! I adore the rasta-colored packaging and I have a tanktop that is the same print, so I can be a matchy dork.

1st-Jan-2008 07:32 pm - JAN 01 2008 - DAY 356

Geoff & I got this awesome popcorn tub and kernels from Karli for Christmas. We finally had a chance tonight to watch a movie (Resident Evil: Extinction starring Geoff's true love Milla Jovovich) and pop away on the stovetop. It was fabulous, I doubt we'll ever buy microwave popcorn again.